The Good, Bad and Ugly Side of Not Blogging Seriously

by - Monday, May 18, 2020

I’ve been blogging for like five years now. Those years I’ve spent before are not so serious like what I’ve been doing now. I remember I was in my college years back then when I started this blog. I initially planned this blog as my online diary  —just sparing my extra time compiling my scattered thoughts here, but I think it’s not like that anymore since I decided to treat my blog now more than just my online diary. I now want this platform to become helpful and inspiring that would be able to make a change in one’s life with my posts. 

There are so many good, bad and ugly sides of blogging. Throughout those years, I now wanted to share with you what I learned  —the good, bad and ugly sides of me running my own blog not so seriously. that might be of some help with you getting an idea on what good, bad and ugly you might get from not seriously running your blog like what I did .

The good side of blogging
I can work from home. Basically, anywhere I feel comfortable —it could be on the top of my bed, your favorite couch, any coffee shops. Literally everywhere as long I have my laptop with me.

I get support from strangers who also became my friends. It’s overwhelming that I get support from people who I never expected to have instead from people I know from the start which I am really thankful for. I get to talk with people around the world.

It's quite an amazing incentive to be paid doing what I love to do. It's quite a fulfilling thing to do to somehow help and inspire the people here on the internet and get paid a li'l bit thru display advertisements even though I wasn't taking blogging seriously back then.

The bad side of blogging
I’m most likely working 24/7. Although I am working basically from home, since I am just starting my blogging career, I have to invest more of my time in front of my laptop without even unplugging most of the time. But I know, everything I’m doing right now will be paid off soon.

I don’t basically talk about my blog to the people I know. Well, you know, Jack Ma once said, “The first people who will trust you will be strangers. Friends will be shielding against you fair-weather friends will distance from you. Family will look down upon you.”, and that’s basically true on my part.

My mind literally thinks anywhere I am. Yup. I always have my notebook and pen beside me because ideas and stuff keep popping in my head and you know the need to jot down everything first before I organize it.

The ugly side of blogging
I unintentionally getting backlogs. It usually took me a few days before I published a post. And since I told you, ideas keep occuring in my mind, I have this urge to type it or else, I won’t be able to remember it again. So in the end, I unintentionally get things piled up.

Getting myself ready for negative comments. You know what I realized? If you want your life to be known publicly, you have to be ready -- physically, emotionally and of course mentally, for negative comments as they will always be people who’ll throw harsh comments on you.

I sometimes feel alone in blogging. Lastly, I admit, I sometimes felt lonely in blogging. There are alot of quiet readers and only a few people will show their support in comments, affiliates you recommended, and you already came to the point you are talking with yourself. That’s why, joining a blogging community is very important as it will help you motivate and you’ll not feel you are alone.

Since I just recently took my blog seriously, I am fully aware I still have a long way to go. But I am excited as to what blogging will bring me in the future.

But as long as we never give up on what we are doing right now, no matter how hard and impossible it seems to be right now, we will surely get there someday.

And when I already get there, I will make a part 2 of this post. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments below your thoughts on good, bad and ugly side of your blogging career?

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