Travel Itinerary Planner 2020 (Free Printable)

by - Saturday, May 09, 2020

So... here it is! Hello, everyone! As I promised, I will be giving my Travel Itinerary Planner for FREE! Yup. For free, just for you.

The title for this planner is "to travel and wander" which I will tell you why later in my blog.

This planner will surely help you get organized with your travel planning!

But this planner is mostly dedicated for travel bloggers — that's why you are here, since you are one of us.

Since, this is my first printable ever and this is my birth month, I am giving it for you both pages for free instead of one page (travel itinerary) which I promised from my previous blog.

Just follow these easy steps and you will be able to download it for free!

1. Click the download click button below.
2. Then, click the another pink button from it.
3. Make sure to sign up to get your free lifetime access to my digital library.
4. Immediately, you will receive an email, which I included the password for the library.
5. Click the silver button, which written with the password to proceed to the digital library.
6. Enter the password you saw from the silver button, as is, so you'll be able to access it.
7. Finally, scroll down, then you will be able to get to download it for free!


     •      Travel overview
     •      Transportation
     •      Accomodation
     •      Activities
     •      Meals
     •      Itinerary

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Let me know in the comments below your feedback regarding this planner and your suggestions. I'd love to hear from you. For now, stay at home while planning your future travels because why not? Keep safe everyone!

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