I Finally Saw JaDine in Person

by - Sunday, September 20, 2015

I Finally Saw JaDine in Person

I actually did not expect that I would be able to finally see them in person because I found out about the event just yesterday since I don't have internet in my dorm so I am not that updated to them.

I remember myself, reading repeatedly —like million times, where the event would happen.

"JaDine Meet and Greet at Ayala Fairview Terraces. 3-5PM."
"JaDine Meet and Greet at Ayala Fairview Terraces. 3-5PM." 
"JaDine Meet and Greet at Ayala Fairview Terraces. 3-5PM." 

I want sooo badly to attend the event. However we are going to do our final project in English at school. But still told my friend who are currently living in Commonwealth —quite near the venue.

I asked her out, "Alam mo ba ýung Fairview Terraces? Punta nga tayo please. Nandoon ýung JaDine. Hindi ko kasi alam ýun e. Please. Kahit libre na kita pamasahe." [Do you know Fairview Terraces? Let's go there please. JaDine will be there. However, I don't know how to go there. Please. I'll just treat you the fare.]

Well, I sound super desperate. I actually am. I really wanted to see them in person and I know this is now my chance since I am now living in Manila.

Thank God, she said 'Yes'! I just made an excuse to our project but never said that real reason since I know they won't excuse us.


So the next day, I hurriedly called my friend and ask her if she was already don with her part in our project and she said 'Yes'. So I quickly took  a bath and went to the school to gave my work and to also meet my friend. 

At first, I am hesitant on what would I say to our leader because she was a strict one. But to my shock, she excused us the moment she saw me. Well, I just found  out later, it was because my friend who I am with told them the real reason. Then we hurriedly went to the venue.

My god. I cannot contain my happiness right now. 

But I almost lose my hope to see them in person because we got stuck in traffic congestion and the venue was quite far than what I imagined it would be from our school. Felt like the event was already finish when we got to the venue.

We arrived there breathless as we run for our lives from SM Fairview to Fairview Terraces.



The event was already starting and we were literally on the back stage. The place was full of crowd from the ground floor until the top! We don't even know where we are going to place ourselves. We got pushed here and there. Got stamped here and there. Worst thing just happened. Someone pulled my hair, tf. Then we were like bathe with our own sweat —like I cannot breathe anymore. I even thought I would loss my consciousness in the crowd. But thank God it did not happen.

JaDine Back View

It was already signing of their scrapbook. It took awhile. And since I won't allow myself not to see them in good location, we went up to the second floor where I can clearly see them. From all the push there and here happenings, we finally got to place ourselves in the middle while looking down to them. 

All photos you will see below were all taken by me. So please, if you are going to grab, please ask permission 'coz you have no idea how hard it was for me, given my situation from there, to took these good photos of them. You can leave it in the comments below. 


JaDine from OTWOL

I would also like to share to you guys that it took me a hard time to appreciate James and Nadine's faces as my eyes are literal blurred! Ugh. But good thing my friend who joined me in my fangirling was also nearsighted like me so I borrowed her glasses. She just remind me, "Handle it with care, please". You are supportive than ever, July! Thank you! 

James with Nadine

Although we were on the second floor, James would make an effort to wave his hands to us. When he did that for the first time, I was gone crazy! Like I almost throw my camera from the second floor. He was directly looking at us smiling so sweet! He even pointed us so we even gone crazier than ever! He did it few times which made us all the craziest from above! He even hand gestured us to go down.

So naughty that he did it to us for a few times more than from the people on both sides. When he noticed that they were all quiet —sad for him, so he put his both fingers from each side of his lips and formed a smile to make them smile, and they just don't smile, we all actually smiled from that!


Gosh. The experience is lit! But at some point, I felt regretful that I failed to capture that moment although it was already imprinted to my brain and heart.

However, Nadine seldom look up to us. All her attention were focused on the people who were part of the group photo. After the Meet & Greet event, TV Patrol quickly interviewed them.

TV Patrol


Well, I just wanna share that I did not just got to see JaDine. I also saw Jack Reid and their father. I will definitely never forget this day, although I saw them quite far, but this was my first time to saw them! But I know there will still be next time —where I could see them more close and would get a chance to take selfie with them.

Jack and James' Dad

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  1. Awww. Namiss ko tuloy nung teenager ako and super fangirl mode rin ako. The difference is, hindi ko nakita yung gusto kong loveteam dati (Carlo Aquino+Angelica Panganiban). At least ikaw, super lucky! <3


    1. Awww, baka someday magkita pa rin kayo. Kung gusto niyo pa rin po sila makita kahit hindi na po sila magkatambalan. Wala naman pong pinipiling edad ang pagiging fangirl, hehe :) Thank you , Steph and thank you for stopping by :)