Quiapo Fortune Tellers Experiment

by - Friday, October 09, 2015


Quiapo, also known as the Heart of Manila. If not for our Sociology class, we wouldn't be able to give attention to the fortune tellers placed just outside the famous Quiapo Church. Why were they all placed right outside the church?

To conduct our study, we have been here for a few days now just to gather some date related to the religious people and fortune tellers. On our first day, it rained. But we still continued to interview some fortune tellers. They told us to pay P100 for the interview with unlimited questions. 

We were left amused by one of the fortune tellers we got interviewed —he was half Tibetan, because everything he said about our attitude and characteristics are very accurate. Well, he based everything from our zodiac sign and horoscope. He shared to us that he believed that after his Dad died, the powers to fortune tell were reincarnated to him. So right after his retirement, he also went to pursue his fate as a fortune teller and he chose this location to use his ability. 

Fortune Tellers

Please note, the remaining two fortune tellers, doesn't have any picture. The old man posted above was the first fortune teller we interviewed. 

He claimed that he was one of the fortune tellers that also use his ability with the Bible. The second fortune teller we interviewed, with tons of tattoos, was against the Roman Catholic belief. While the last fortune teller we interviewed, he admitted that fortune telling is not related to Roman Catholic.

If not for him, we wouldn't also find out that the second fortune teller we interviewed —the man covered with tons of tattoos, was actually high on drugs and not a real fortune teller.

In one of his clip, the man covered with tattoos, shared to us that “Bawat tattoo na ýan (while pointing all over his tattoos) may mga simbolo ýan. Malalaman ko kung sino ýung kumokontra sakin (nangungulam).” [Every tattoos on my body has its own symbol. I will know who are against with me.] So the third or last fortune teller informed us that he was actually a witch.

The second fortune teller also told us from the interview that all fortune tellers are also witches. Because they are both using black magic. The third fortune teller contradicts the statement of the third one. He said that “Magkaiba ang manghuhula at mangkukulam. Dahil hindi gumagamit ang mga manghuhula ng black magic. Depende nalang kung nagpapanggap lang pala siya (mangkukulam) na manghuhula.” [Fortune tellers and witches are both different because fortune tellers does not use black magic except if he (the witch) was just pretending to be a fortune teller.]

We also asked, “Bakit po nagpapabayad pa kayo kung ang sabi niyo nga po ay ginagabayan niyo lang sila,” [Why are you letting people pay you when you told us that you are guiding them (the people who are asking advices from fortune tellers).] Then the third fortune teller answered, “Dahil may bayad itong pwesto namin.” [Because we are paying our place here (in Quiapo.] While from one of our interviewee from church told us that, “Hindi sila pinapabayadan (sa pwesto nila).” [We don't ask them for fees for their places.] We wondered so the third fortune teller answered, “May humahawak samin (nakakataas/leader)” [Someone higher was leading us]. He meant that it was a syndicate and he also added that, fortune telling is already part of their daily livelihood.



DAY 1 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2015 ; DAY 2 - OCTOBER 7, 2015

Well, our term paper would not be completed if we aren't going to try some fortune telling. Since it was just right the third fortune teller gave us a good offer to try it out. They fortune tells us for free! Since we have nothing to lose if we are going to try it even just for once. I am also aware that I will not believe because I only have faith in God. 

Funny to say, yes, he has got something right and also got wrong —like my lovelife 'coz I don't even have one but he was told me, that someone "Still love you and still thinking of you." 

In addition to that, he also told me exact words that I am “Zero balance” this year. To my mind, I don't know what he was referring to. The first though got in my head was, is he talking about money? “Lovelife mo” [Your lovelife.] That made me burst into laughter. “Pero next year baka meron ka na” [But maybe next year, you would finally have one.] He added. But honestly, it's no big deal to me. I am never in rush to that. 

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  3. Manghuhulas still give me goose bumps. I never tried to consult but my friends. Para mo na kasing kinakalaban ang dapat mangyari sayo.

    1. Iba-iba naman po tayo ng beliefs, pero ako, i never believe in fortunetellers, esp the fortunetellers in Quiapo. I only believe in God. :) Kahit labanan man, hindi pa rin kaya, lalo na kung 'yun naman po talaga 'yung nakatadhanang mangyari. But anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts :) and thanks for stopping by :)

  4. your blog somehow looks like maine mendoza's blog :)

    1. Haha, yah bcos she's one of my blog-inspiration. :D