Travel Diary: Malangaan Cave & Spring

by - Friday, March 25, 2016


So, yes! Summer has officially started for me since the next day of our last day of school, definitely, the start of my summer vacation. It's too early for me to have this summer getaway. But it's a great start of my summer, indeed! Anyways, today, I definitely had an amazing adventure. Really. Because this is my first time to go on cave adventure unexpectedly. Yup! You just read it right. Sounds awesome, right?

My parents and our neighbors planned to go on outing all together. That "outing" they were planning was to go swim. At first, I am undecided whether I should also go or not? I don't swim, because I can't. So how on earth I would enjoy this outing, right? Plus, I'm not close with our neighbors, unlike the rest of my family. That's awful, but that's me, I still can't get rid of my shyness and not sociable attitude.


My parents know about it, because obviously, they were my parents. But when they told me that the place where we're actually going to outbound, was not an ordinary pool. It's a lake. Bonus points, they told me that the place also has an amazing cave! Honestly, it will be my first time to have some cave adventure if I would come with them. In this moment, I felt my ears happily clapped, my eyes are in shinning shimmering splendid (lol) and I can't stop my mind wondering what would happen on that day. So definitely, I joined them. And also, I make a decision that I will not bring any extra clothes because I'm not going to swim. They would just laugh at me if I tried to. So to be safe on being fooled around, I will not. It's okay if I'm only my parents, but not e,our whole neighbors will definitely be there. So final, no swimming will happened on that day.


So when this day happened, I am super excited to go and explore that cave they were talking about. The byahe last two and a half hour because we have private vehicle. Plus, there's no traffic on our way. Daddy was the one who's telling the drive, which happened to be my far grandfather, about the directions. Dad, already knew about the place, because they already biked it. 

It may looks like dirty, but if you don't know the water here is alive. Meaning it may be a low or high tide. It depends. 

When we're already in the place, we ate our breakfast first. At first, I was totally bored. I don't know what to do beside of sitting and watching everyone swimming so happily. 


So when dad felt like I was kinda bored, he talked about the cave up the place. He told me to look for some tour guide so we'll be safe in exploring the cave. But when they said, the TG fee was too expensive, and you can travel it alone naman, I invite my young brother who was busy swimming to come with me in the cave. I know he'll not refuse it, and I am right. I together with my boy siblings (brother and my young brother) started to walk through that cave without tour guide. Yup! You were right. We didn't hire any tour guide, because I can't afford how much we'll pay them if we can do it naman on our own (even it's our first time there, we bravely explore the place without any tour guide. At first, I feel so nervous and scared at the same time. I thought of, "is the place safe?", "can we go back alive?". Maybe I was just too paranoid because of the shows I watched about the history of some caves in the Philippines.


To the Cave

As we walk through the cave, I'm really having a hard time walking through this sharp rocks on the ground. Because our footwear was only a pair of slippers. But beside, I don't feel my nervous anymore because the place was look so peaceful and amazing. I was really amazed how the rocks are formed. We took small steps, because I told them to. I just want to see every detail of the cave. I don't want to miss any pictures of it with myself too.

Cave in Bulacan



And I thought it was already the cave they were talking about. After the long walk, some visitors (who looks like kakatuyo lang from swimming) passed along our way. The stranger says, "may flashlight kayo? Kailangan nang flashlight para makapasok sa loob". My young brother answered with full of excitement not only in his voice but also in his face too. "Oo meron." The stranger told us, he was going to get some flashlight for them at eto namang kapatid ko tumakbo sa kung saan tinutukoy ni stranger na kailangan nang flashlight. Me, and my old bro, not run with him, becuase we're not yet finish our picture taking session (lol). 


And when we're already in the place, sinalubong kami nung kapatid ko at hadaling hadali na papasukin kami. When we're already in the cave, the atmosphere was really different from the outside. What am I saying was, you can really feel the cold and feel like you're in somewhere cold country.

At the picture below, behind of it, I felt like my breathing was affected on how the place was so narrow. Maybe, I'm not used to narrowed and crowded places, because I'm a difficulty on breathing. I don't know. And after these scenario, my breathing went well again. So I decided to go inside also. When we're there, I AM FREAKING NERVOUS. But I just hid it to them. While we're following the path and the voice we heard inside of the cave they were group of mountain climbers. Buti na lang taalga, may nakasabay kami. They passed by us, and we decided to continue walking inside the cave. But when we all felt that, it's risky to continue it, we decided to go back outside.

Inside Cave


Inside the Cave

This only the photo I have when we are inside of the cave. It's blurred because I took it accidentally. Because this time, I'm taking video. 

As we reached our cottage, we told them about how amazing the cave was by showing all the photos we took. They decided to go too later. So I wait for that "later"and I know, it will going to be more fun! Dahil madami na kami mamaya at hindi na tatalo lang. You'll believe in me more on how it was really fun after seeing the photos below.


Before going home, my young bro looked all my pictures I took in the cave. He was so envy on some of it, because he doesn't have a picture of him too. Paano kasi iniiwan kami. May sariling mundo. So we decided to go back to the cave for the last time. At first attempt of going back, my mother didn't allow us. Because shes said that we're going home na. But because we're too makulit, napapayag na namin. We just have to be careful for the last time. And when we reach the place, we saw tons of people, some were having a picnic there. It is true. So we didn't have the chance to take some pictures, because madami nang tao. But luckily, nakakuha kami nang litrato nung umaga pa. Wala pa masayadong tao. 

Summer Outing

And when I go back again to that place, I would definitely hired a tour guide para maranasan ko naman ├Żung feeling kapag nasa kabilang labas ka na ng cave and to experience the water inside the cave. Plus, I would wear comfortable attire na for this adventure. Soooooo, I hope you had some

Many tourist, because we all know it's already summer. Time to adventure! 



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Travel Diary Malangaan Cave & Spring
Malangaan Cave & Spring in San Rafael Bulacan Travel Diary VLOG

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