Ride-All-You-Can Sky Ranch Tagaytay

by - Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

We are now on our final and the most-thrilling destination here in Tagaytay, the Sky Ranch. If you are an amusement park person — who love to try all it's exciting ride activities, I bet you wouldn't dare to miss this place whenever visiting Tagaytay! 

Honestly speaking, I am not an "amusement park person" but my best friends are. Thus, I have no other choice but to conquer all these rides with them.

If you have read my first blog about this Tagaytay Adventure, I mentioned that we purchased our  Sky Ranch Tagaytay "Ride-All-You-Can" ticket for only 350 PHP each! The best thing we ever did in this adventure because it just saved not only our wallet but also our lives! Lol. Well, it's also an advantage for my best friends who are an "amusement park person". We minimize our expenses and we had so much fun!


7:00 AM to 10:00 AM — Travel time from Bulacan to Tagaytay
10:00 AM to 11:00 AM — Brunch time
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM — Taal Volcano Island Tour
1:00 AM to 3:00 PM — Tagaytay Picnic Grove
3:00 PM to 8:00 PM — Sky Ranch Tagaytay "Ride-All-You-Can"
8:00 PM to 11:00 PM — Travel time from Tagaytay to Bulacan


Just a short story, I got traumatized from riding Enchanted Kingdom "Space Shuttle" and Star City "Vikings" years ago. It indeed scared the hell out of me that I don't wanna remember nor ride those things ever again. But thanks to my two best friends who helped me overcome my trauma —for a short time. Yup. I'll tell you the funny yet embarrassing story later in this post. But for now, here's the list of all rides we tried:

#1: Drop Tower

Where your spirit, soul and —your butt would be left behind! Lol. I remembered feeling excited at first but left me shocked and lost after! God! I wasn't mentally prepared for that.

Jean thought I lost my consciousness at the middle because I wasn't shouting and all. But the truth was, I'm just holding super tight to my seat and praying hard for the ride to already stop. 

Drop Tower

#2: Super Viking

Well, the worst ride I tried ever since I was a child. I really hate riding this thing! But since I have to make make use my ticket efficiently, I have no other choice since this will be only our second ride, I tried and, yup, conquered it with my friends. 

So here's the funny yet embarrassing story. I remembered myself —plus we have that full video riding this thing— lying down my seat and almost dying while hiding so hard beside Leila. It made me feel so embarrassed whenever I remember group of good looking boys behind us. But that embarrassment fade a little when I found out —from watching the video— that there's also one guy behind us who did the same thing I did. Embarrassing but funny, right? 

Super Viking

#3: Express Train

Since the previous ride was super intense, we decided to ride the most relaxing ride — the Express Train! Well, it may look like the most relaxing ride you would ever encountered here in Skyranch because you'll just seat while roam around the place, but trust me, this ride is traitor! It would undoubtedly make you feel dizzy as what we all personally experienced! 

Express Train

#5: Flying Bus

After those few but intense rides —in my opinion as I'm not an amusement park person, I found myself scared once again. Jean and Leila was the only person in this ride! I felt quite terrified even if I'm just watching them. So I, alone, stepped back with all the remaining low to highly-intense rides and just tried all boring relaxing rides. Lol.

Flying Bus

#5: Nessi Coaster

Since they are the both amusement park person, I just watched them enjoying the ride from afar although this kind of ride is bearable even for kids but not in my case. Lol.

Nessi Coaster

#6: Carousel

Well, this is the only ride I thought would never enjoyed! They both chose to ride the horse while I found myself choosing the relaxing seat as I am not yet recovered from those intense rides earlier.


#7: Sky Cruiser

If those previous rides are worst (in my opinion), let me differentiate this one! 'Coz this was the best ride I ever ever ever tried! We are cycling while floating! Funny, but it really is. 

At first, the car in front of us was already far from us but we still managed to chased them to the point we bumped with them since they are not moving so we kinda helped them by pushing with our bike. 

It's not really intense ride but nerve-wracking when we got to the middle part —away from the starting point— because we felt the brisk wind which got us unfocused for second. Although Leila is quite terrified, she still managed to take two (2) rounds since we are uneven and Jean needs partner to try this ride. 

Sky Cruiser

#8: The Sky Eye

Well, your Sky Ranch experience wouldn't be complete without trying their most-famous ride, the ferris wheel or also called as the "Sky Eye". 

It is not a terrifying ride but I found myself terrified! But only when they are moving inside the cabin. I just hate the feeling of it swaying —like we are gonna fall in any minute. So Jean did not enjoyed the ride that much because I keep on stopping them to move. Lol.

The Sky Eye - 2 Persons
Jean and I seated together to tease Leila that our weight together is equal to her and to keep the cabin balanced.
Sky Eye

#9: City Rail

If there was the most relaxing ride — the Express Train, Sky Ranch also has the most chilling ride — the City Rail. Good thing about this ride, we did not feel any dizziness. Instead, we enjoyed the overlooking city view while roaming around the place.

I recommend that it would be the best to try this ride at night as you would be able to witness the overlooking city view while chilling seated. 

City Rail
City Rail
Well, I almost lost my wallet! But thank God somebody returned it. It happened when I was riding the Sky Cruiser.

#9: Log Coaster

This is the last ride they tried —yup, except me because it looks scary because it wasn't functioning earlier in the morning. I fear that it might get broke in the middle of the ride. But since both of my best friend would like to seize their "Ride-All-You-Can" ticket, they bravely tried this ride.

Log Coaster

I genuinely had so much fun from this first adventure with my best friends! I hope next time we are already complete. I would like to thank Jean's parents —our second parents, as they are very supportive with our travel plan! This plan wouldn't be possible without your support and help. 

Since you just made it until here! I'm gonna reveal some of our secrets from this adventure! 


List of Sky Ranch Tagaytay Rides:

Original Price List

100 PHP - Drop tower
100 PHP - Super Viking  
  80 PHP - Express Train  
100 PHP - Flying Bus  
  50 PHP - Nessi Coaster 
  50 PHP - Carousel 
100 PHP - Sky Cruiser 
150 PHP - Sky Eye 
  80 PHP - City Rail
100 PHP - Log Coaster

Ride-All-You-Can Ticket Promo

350 PHP - Unlimited Rides Pass

So, guess how much we saved from availing this promo?

We just saved 510 PHP and were able to enjoy more rides!

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Ride-All-You-Can in Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Travel Hack: How to Ride More and Spend Less at Sky Ranch Tagaytay

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