Watson's Haul: Whitening Products

by - Friday, May 20, 2016

Waston Experience

In today's blog, I am going to share to you my first time Watson's Haul experience. Believe me or not, in my whole sixteen years of existence, I've never been in Watson, either with friends or family or rather alone. I am really shy to get inside of the store. Because all of their customers are really well-experience to shop for their beauty & skincare products. Me, I don't have any background at all. Because first, I am not a self-conscious person. Whatever I look like it was all fine to me. I don't care to what they say about my physical appearance. Second, maybe because I don't have a sister. Though I have some cousins, but we're not that close to ask them about something like this. So, how would I know something about 'buying beauty & skincare products' ayt? Last, because my mother doesn't teach us even buy us something like this. I think because she already know that I doesn't need that. Or... Maybe I am just a late bloomer. Lol.

So before I turn seventeen this month, I challenged myself to do this. At first, I am planning to go to shop in Manila (anywhere in Manila. H'wag lang dito sa Robinson's or anywhere here at my city) because I will feel embarrass when someone I know saw me shopping something like this. They will get shock of me, because they knew that I am not into this kind of stuffs. If I am going to shop in Manila, I am able to shop alone but here in our city, I can't. I was really hesitate to continue this challenge before this day come. Thanks to my ever supportive ---hep! girl best friend. Lol. I am really lucky to have her though at first ayaw pa niya ako samahan kasi maglilinis daw siya. I told her, "sa gitna nang week? Maglilinis ka?" Mukhang nakonsensya naman siya kaya sinamahan na niya ako. Lol. I bet, siya suki na doon. Kasi kung ako walang arte sa katawan, ýung katawan niya may arte. Charot! What am I saying was, she needed it. To be you know... To avoid having pimples. Ako naman kasi hindi tinutubuan ng madami. My pimples coming out only when it is my month, either before or after it. 

Today was really an amazing experience for a first timer like me. Besides of going to Watson's we also went to Daiso Japan. Funny to believe what happened there. I feel so embarrassed when I don't know anything. Lol. Ganito kasi, when we're in Daiso, I really want to buy their tall jar. It was really fit if I am going to save money. I feel so eager to buy it though I don't know the price. My best friend told me all the items there are cost 88 PHP. Hindi ako naniwala and pinanindigan ko ýun until we're in cashier na. I didn't buy anything, siya lang. Then... I saw tons of price tag. Nakalagay 288. I told my best friend. We had a little arguement about it. Tapos umepal si Kuya na may hawak nang price tag. He ask me, "Ano po ýun?" It was really awkward. But anyway, this blog was about my Watson's Haul experience. It was such a relief because there were only few buyers. We're able to tour the shop easily. We also tried to use a handy basket. It was pretty cute though we only buy few. So here are the lists of products I bought. I only purchased sachet iWhite Korea products because I was just only a first timer. Based to the other bloggers, their products are great, yet very affordable. I also included the price per sachet of their product. You scroll down so you'll be able to know it.


1. iWhite Korea: Nose Pack (whiteheads & blackheads remover)

How much each of this sachet? 18 PHP. 
How many 'ml' each of this sachet? 
How many times I am able to use this? It depends upon how much did you put on your nose. Mine, tatlong beses kong nagamit ýung isang sachet. 

Whiteheads & Blackheads Remover

2. iWhite Korea: 2 Minute Whitening Miracle (special wash-off mask)

How much each of this sachet? 24.50 PHP. 
How many 'ml' each of this sachet? 8 ml. 
How many times I am able to use this? It depends upon how much did you put on your face. To me, I am not yet using this. Hehe. 

Special Wash-off Mask

3. iWhite: Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita

How much each of this sachet? 20 PHP. 
How many 'ml' each of this sachet? ml. 
How many times I am able to use this? It depends upon how much did you put on your face. To me, I am not yet using this. Hehe. But based on review videos I watch on youtube, they were able to use it three times. 

Aqua Moisturizer

4. iWhite: BB Holic (Everyday BB Cream)

How much each of this sachet? 24.50 PHP. 
How many 'ml' each of this sachet? ml. 
How many times I am able to use this? It depends upon how much did you put on your face. To me, I am not yet using this. Hehe. 

BB Cream

5. iWhite Peel-off Mask: Whitening Pack

How much each of this sachet? 24.50 PHP. 
How many 'ml' each of this sachet? 8 ml. 
How many times I am able to use this? It depends upon how much did you put on your face. To me, I am not yet using this. Hehe. 

Peel Off Mask

Last but not the least, I also purchased the new Belo Intensive Whitening Exfoliating. Bar & BB Cream. Funny to say, I thought it was a lotion. Tanga lang. Haha! Pasensya na, first time nga di ba? But it was alright, though I don't know how and when to use it. Hehe.

6. New Belo Intensive Whitening Bar with Exfoliating

How much the Belo Intensive Whitening Exfoliating Bar? I purchased it for only about 65php.
Is it effective to you? I am going to give a review about this product after couple of weeks or months, or either when the results are already visible.

7. Belo Intensive Whitening Tone Correcting BB Cream

How much the small BB Cream (Tone Correcting)? It was around 260+.


So that's it! If you are wondering the total amount that I spend for this products?

It was 700+ something. Hehe :) I hope this is going to be effective to me. My reviews each products of this is coming up right away!

Watson's Haul

Some questions asked to iWhite FB page that I read (and will also help you):

Q: Hi. I just bought iwhite 2 min miracle. ano to, 1 pack is good for 1 use?

A: Hi, we suggest using iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Gel at least 2 times a week (or once a week for sensitive skin) to avoid skin irritation. You may use the 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Gel every other day, but please make sure not to overuse it to avoid overexfoliation. smile emoticon

Q: Can I use this before applying my makeup? Thanks!

A: -Hi Rissa, we suggest using the 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Gel to exfoliate your skin before applying makeup. Exfoliating your skin not only helps lighten your skin, dark pimple marks and dark spots, but it also makes your skin smooth and clear, allowing your makeup to settle and last longer. Exfoliate at least 2 times a week (or once a week for sensitive skin) to avoid overexfoliation. Make sure you moisturize your skin after with iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer to replenish your skin's natural oil while lightening dark spots and pimple scars as well as preventing your skin from overproducing oil. Don’t forget to protect your skin from the suns’s harmful UV rays whether you exfoliate your skin or not. To avoid skin damages that UV rays such as premature skin aging and skin darkening, apply iWhite Korea Facial Cream Whitening Vita all over your face and blend well for a lighter, glowing, and healthier skin.

Q: I have pimples and acnes.. what should i use cream or facial wash?

A: Hello there, we suggest using iWhite Korea Facial Wash Whitening Vita, iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita, and iWhite Korea Facial Cream Whitening Vita to eliminate pimples, excess oil, and deep seated dirt while lightening your skin. smile emoticon Make sure to use them daily, day and night to have a healthier, clearer, and glowing skin.

Q: Can I use both i white whitening peel.off pack and the 2minute whitening miracle gel ? Or should I choose only one between these products??? In what skin conditions can these products work?

A: Hi, unfortunately you can't use both iWhite Korea Whitening Pack and iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle as these products are intended to exfoliate your skin. We recommend using any of our products with exfoliating properties at least 2 times a week or once a week for sensitive skin to avoid overexfoliation of the skin.

Just choose which product suits your preference: if you have some 15-45 minutes to spare to pamper your skin, you may use iWhite Korea Whitening Pack and iWhite Korea Nose Pack as part of your weekly skincare regimen to eliminate dead skincells, blackheads and whiteheads, and to tighten the skin & lighten overall skintone/acne scars. But if you are looking for a quicker but relaxing and skin lightening skincare fix, iWhite Korea 2 Minute Whitening Miracle Gel is the perfect skincare product to give your whitening regimen a quick boost! It provides active whitening nourishment, gentle exfoliation, and better absorption of other skincare products in just minutes.

Make sure to moisturize with iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita after to replenish skin’s lost natural moisture and to prevent your skin from overproducing oil. Thank you.

Q: Is it okay to put the moisturizer first then will be followed by BB cream? and is it okay to put moisturizer at night followed by cream?

A: To answer your questions, yes you may use iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer Whitening Vita before applying facial cream at night or even before you put on your favorite BB cream in the morning smile emoticon Just make sure to let it be absorbed by the skin for at least 2minutes, before heading on to your usual makeup routine or nightly skincare regimen. smile emoticon

That's all for today! I hope you find this helpful! See you on my next blog!

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Watson's Haul: Affordable Whitening Products
Watson's Haul: Whitening Skincare Products

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  1. My first time to go to Watson's was when I didn't know what pasalubong to buy for my boyfriend. So out of the blue when my friend wanted to go there, I thought of "Why not a facial wash?" to let him experience random weird gifts from me. Hahaha! Since I don't have a sibling especially a brother, I asked my classmate about his Kuya and she recommended me of the facial wash that her brother was using. My boyfriend really appreciated it and until now, he's still using it since I bought him a huge size of the product. Lol. :D

    Anyway, I use the blackheads and whiteheads remover. I've been using it since I was still in gradeschool and now, I'm an incoming junior college student. Hihi :)

    Have a nice week ahead, Nicole! :)

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

    1. Nice! :) Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by! It was my first time to hear something like that. Hehe. It's kinda weird but it was really cool especially you told me your boyfriend really appreciate it up until now. :) Anyways, good luck to your college life! Konting push nalang ate Augustin, makakagraduate ka na :) Yay, happy for you and i'm so glad to hear something from an incoming junior college student :)

  2. This is very informative. I need to go to Watsons ASAP! :)


  3. This Belo intensive whitening bar with exfoliating is very effective. I've been using Belo products since the start of the year.

  4. I recently found myself using Iwhite products too. It started when I was a Gr. 12 student and we have this so called ball. That was my first time using I white (pore purifying balm and whitening pack peel-off mask) in just 2 times of using both i already saw it's effects. And now i'm trying their other products as well. These are aqua moisturizer whitening vita, facial cream whitening vita, and vitamin sleeping gel mask for everyday basis. I was about to buy some i white facial wash but unfortunately it's sold out.

    I really like the effects of i white in my face. It's really good. I'm not gonna recommend this though because we have different types of skin so I advice to just buy the sachet first and try it out and see the effects for yourselves.