Best, Difficulties & Lessons

by - Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Best, Difficulties & Lessons

After almost a year of being away from my blog, I'm finally back! First of all, I want to thank everyone who are continuously visiting my blog even though my last post was on last year pa. Anyways, I'm really happy to be back! And because of that, I decided to redecorate my blog, and tadaaa~! For this year, I decided to make it pastel pink. It took me almost two days to tweaked this template, because (1) I have no idea or knowledge about HTLM/CSS/SEO, I just used my common sense in doing so.

Besides, the reason why I am back again, it's because I'm already on summer vacation! In my school, our academic year revolves on June - March. But not anymore, because before we ended our term, the university announced that we're having an academic calendar shifting. Meaning, the start of classes next school year will be on August! Yay! 5-6 months of vacation! But let's not get too excited. Although, the S.Y will start on August, still, we're having a (mandatory-like) advance summer classes on June - July.

By the way, I just wanna share to you what I have learned last year, the best and difficulties I've encountered. I just want to record (basically every year) this stuff. So I can track down my own self.

Best things

  1. My transfer-dorm was a success! Because I'm not comfortable with my past dorm, I and my parents decided me to transfer another dorm. And because of that, I experience more than I experience from my old dorm. (Like: I can finally bring my block mates there, plus they could also overnight in my dorm. I had the chance to buy my own study table. One of my dorm mate is also block mate and a friend. A studious friend. That's why, I also study when she studied. The CR is always clean, and there's a rooftop! There are also laundry shop and an eatery at the first floor.) The only thing that did not change was the fact that I'm still on the upper deck of the bed.
  2. I'M ONE OF THE PRINCIPAL LISTER! Not just that, I'm also one of Academic Year's Awardee for the A.Y 2015-2016 Second Semester to A.Y 2016-2017 First Semester. I attended the recognition last March together with the whole College of Social Science and Development Academic Achievers. Honestly speaking, I didn't expect any of that to happen. I'm just pondering about me being one of the Dean's Lister last term (first semester of A.Y 2016-2017), what was the feeling. and. not. becoming. one of the Principal Lister. Because I know how hard it will be, especially I'm not that intelligent. I'm just hardworking. (insert picture)
  3. At age of 17, I have now my passport and I'm flying at the last week of this month. I'm super excited! Thanks to my parents who's always been there, and who's continuously giving everything we asked for.
  4. I tried to run for a position in one of my non-governmental organizations. It was my first time. It was my first try. And it's not that bad, although I'm already expecting that I'm going to lose, still, because I got equal votes with the other candidate.
  5. Out of town with my block mates and other adventure this year. It was a blissful experience this. A 2 days & 2 nights away from my town, my dorm. We went to Zambales. We camped. We island hopped. We star gazed beside the sea.
  6. I finally had the chance to attend Global Youth Summit this year. It was such wonderful experience. I honestly learned a lot from all the speakers. I also witnessed Anne Curtis' first time being a guest speaker.
  7. I learned quite well how to dress myself whenever there's an occasion. I just have to have money. Haha!
  8. I got my own instax! (It was one of my wish) But sadly to say, I seldom use it.
  9. KDRAMAs. I could say that this also one of the best things happened to me this year. I just found out my new hobby. Because of this, I forgot my social media accounts. I already have almost 100 KDramas in laptop and in external drive.
  10. Lastly, I LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE A CAR. A manual car. :)


  1. Having a stubborn professor. That's it. End of story. Haha!
  2. This is my first time I'm not close with my fellow dorm mates (except my block mate). I just don't know what happened. But I think, it was because the age gap. I just don't know to communicate with them, especially I don't have any sister. Although I have cousins who are girl, we rarely talk.
  3. My camera got wrecked! Travel is life but camera is lifer. Now, how can I travel?! Most especially, how can I live?
  4. I forgot how to save. This is the hardest thing to do. Funny to say, starting this year, I am very much aware on how and I got a chance to save quiet amount of money (because it is for my SG trip) but when the time comes, I want to attend in our Department Night (because of the awarding of Academic Lister) but I have no dress to wear, and I can't ask money for my parents, I decided to buy all the money I saved, and that's the start that I totally forgot how to save again.
  5. Uncontrolled of money because food is lifer. This is year... is... I think the worst for me. Because I transferred to a new dorm, I got the chance to eat anytime I want. If last year, I can not to eat rice within a day, this time I can't! I don't know why! Because of that I regained all the weight I loss last year. Ugh!

Lessons Learned

  1. Savings is very important. Next time, I'll budget my money efficient and effectively! I want long-term savings! And that's my goal this year.
  2. I should continue interacting with others people you know or not. I must not limit myself within the four corner of the classroom. Having to known people will help you for a wider connections. The perks.
  3. Traveling to unwind is very helpful, especially when I'm too preoccupied about my academics.
  4. Attending a seminar is a big help for me. I'm learning not just about academics but also about the real world.

That's it! I feel like I forgot something but I can't remember it anymore. But anyways, if I remembered any of those, I'll just update this post.

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