Top 14 Must-Visit Beaches in Zambales

by - Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Must visit Beaches in Zambales

Are you looking for boracay-like beach trip near Metro Manila? Zambales is one of the easy drive away go-to destination from Metro Manila and has almost everything for all sun-worshipping-weekend-warriors who are seeking for a quick escape! Your Zambales itinerary can be as quick as one-day beach trip with island hopping, camping or even an overnight stay — but limited only to some beaches. 

Top 14 Must Visit Beaches in Zambales

Don't worry, I will give more detailed information about each beaches to my next following blogs! You can check it here. But for now, here's your checklist of must-visit beaches in Zambales this 2020! 

1. Hermana Menor

Hermana Menor
Hermana Menor. Photo by HospitalityNet.
Location: Sta. Cruz, Zambales

Hermana Menor or Makitira Island is a well-maintained white sand and rocky beach. The island also boast its sandbar. However, in order to preserve the island, there are no resorts and is only limited to day tours or quick visits and sometimes to a  certain number of visitors.

2. Magalawa Island

Magalawa Island
Magalawa Island. Photo by ABS-CBN News.
Location: Palauig, Zambales

Magalawa Island, also locally known as Island of the Stars, is a 56-hectare starfish-abundant island with fine white and very pristine sand, sandbar which made it as a contender for the next Boracay. You can do snorkeling, kayaking, and camping while in the island; or eat inside the floating restaurant in Armada Resorts.

3. Bacala Sandbar

Bacala Beach House
Bacala Beach House. Photo from Flickr.
Location: Masinloc, Zambales

San Salvador Island is famous for its Bacala Sandbar and its old-stilt beach guest house built on its fine white sand in the middle of the sea. Get to witness the sandbar on low tide (ankle-deep) or high tide (knee-deep); swim with some of its small fishes; and visit its 2-hectare giant clam farm in a marine sanctuary in the island.

4. Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove

Location: San Antonio, Zambales

Anawangin Cove is a beach appeared after Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991. Over time, agoho trees or sea pine trees began growing in its ashen slopes, creating a surreal Boracay-meets-Baguio landscape or would make you feel like you’re in another country. Definitely a top must-visit beach in Zambales that no would not dare to miss.

5. Nagsasa Cove

Nagsasa Cove
Nagsasa Cove. Photo by MakiTheGreat.
Location: San Antonio, Zambales

Nagsasa Cove is actually not an island like Anawangin Cove, but it is a part of the mainland that also got affected by Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991. This can also be your jump-off point for island hopping to Anawangin Cove and Capones Island. There's also a hidden waterfalls that can be seen with few hikes only uphill. Also a top must-visit beach destination in Zambales! 

6. Talisayin Cove

Talisayin Cove

Location: San Antonio, Zambales

Talisayin Cove is a perfect spot for stargazing —just don't forget to bring your hammock with you for more perfect way of relaxation under the trees. There's also a hill you can hike where you can see Capones Island. Well, it's actually in between Nagsasa Cove and Anawangin Cove but has the least visited made it the quietest island among the mentioned island.

7. Silanguin Cove

Silanguin Cove
Silanguin Cove. Photo by InspiRock.
Location: San Antonio, Zambales

Silanguin Cove is the biggest among the four coves but the least crowded of all the newly rediscovered beaches as it is the farthest cove. The island is gifted with trees and an ash-laden beachfront which made it a perfect spot for sunsets!

8. Capones Island

Capones Island

Location: San Antonio, Zambales

Capones Island, used to be called "Isla de Gran Capon", is a 2 kilometers bone-shaped secluded cliff island in Zambales with only an old Spanish Lighthouse that was built in 1890 which was used to guide the ships going to Subic Bay. A place near Capones Island is ideal for snorkeling and diving sites.

9. Potipot Island

Potipot Island
Potipot Island. Photo by ByaheSetGo
Location: Candelaria, Zambales

Potipot Island is a secluded small islet but perfect for sunset view and overnight stay —camping, snorkeling, kayaking or beach volleyball. A must-visit for people who are seeking for some peace of mind in a quiet or more intimate moment with nature.

10. Camara Island

Camara Island

Location: San Antonio, Zambales

Camara Island is a small islet eye view from Pundaquit Beach. You will definitely love the sounds of the waves crashing to its huge chunks of rocks —as much as we did while our tent was pitched in between the rock formation. You can also witness its sandbar every low tide or after rainy season —which we failed to see but worry not because we will be back.

11. Liwliwa Beach

Liwliwa Beach
Liwliwa Beach. Photo by The Glamp Zambales
Location: San Felipe, Zambales

Liwliwa Beach is definitely a perfect surfing spot during, of course, surf season because of its powerful waves but the waves get calmer every summer. It's also perfect picnic spot or chill spot at the beachfront as it features its long stretch of ash-gray shore and sea pine trees.

12. Pundaquit Beach

Pundaquit Beach

Location: San Antonio, Zambales

Pundaquit Beach's volcanic ash sand makes unique to the visitors. It's also serves as home of fishermen and a jump-off point to other coves or beaches like Anawangin Cove, Capones Island and Camara Island. I remembered when we visited Zambales last time, I only realized few days after our beach trip that the first —or let me say our starting point for island hopping— was already the Pundaquit Beach! Lol.

13. Crystal Beach Resort

Crystal Beach
Crystal Beach. Photo by HotMagazine
Location: San Narciso, Zambales

Crystal Beach Resort has a strong current waves which makes it the most ideal for surfing in Zambales. It doesn't have white sand, but it's perfect place for those who prefer staying in rooms. You can also enjoy your seat under the open hut with its lined sea pine trees at the beachfront. 

14. Subic Beach

Camayan Beach
Camayan Beach. Photo from Agoda.
Location: Subic, Zambales

Subic Bay is definitely one of the must-visit beaches in Zambales because it's accessible few hours drive away from the metro. Well, there are indeed several beach resorts in the coast of Subic but there are four main beaches: first two beaches just few minutes away to Subic International Airport, third is Grande Island, while fourth is the famous Camayan Beach. Plus the famous and biggest inflatable floating playground in Asia — the Inflatable Island. Don't worry, I will give you more detailed information of Subic Beach Resorts from my next following blogs. 

You have now the complete must-visit Zambales beaches this 2020!

Let me know in the comments below how many beaches you did visit in Zambales so far — if you'd ask me, I admit, I still have a lot beaches to visit because I only visited 3 (that was when I was still in college) out 14 beaches from this list. But I guess it's not yet too late for me to check all these list in my own Zambales Beach Checklist.

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14 Must-Visit Beaches in Zambales
Must Visit Best Beaches in Zambales

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