Top 3 Benefits Why Start A Blog

by - Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Why Start A Blog

Blogging is a safe haven for all who has something to share to the internet world. It is most likely a free platform that anyone can easily engage with. It could be about business, lifestyle, fitness & health, entertainment, news or even a personal blog. It's so powerful, helpful and beneficial than what others wouldn't imagine it would be. 

So, if you are planning or just starting a blog, you should know your 'Why?'. Now, ask yourself, 

"Why should I start a blog?"

You might be asking, why the hell would I ask myself that stupid question? Well, I can say that your "Why" is very important as it will definitely help you along your journey.

Top 3 Benefits Why You Should Start Blogging 

There are so much reasons why one person would want to start a blog and significant benefits why you should blog.  If you already know your why, but you are still in doubt, here are some benefits that will help you decide and how blogging can change your life.

1. Diary

Blogging helps you grow personally and professionally. It will hone a very valuable skills ― your writing skills. You may say, "Writers are born with that talent and I am not". Don't pressure yourself. Blogging is just like writing to your diary in a conversational tone which serves as your emotional outlet. It encourages you to speak your mind more often.

So as long as you keep writing, you will not realize you are already improving ― you will begin to pay more attention to your words, sentences and how you organize your thoughts. Blogging will also help you develop your self-discipline, commitment and time management. It also help you become open-minded and motivated as your reader grows. 

Although, there are still plenty of free options available for blogging but remember, you don't just invest time. You also have to invest some money on blogging to make more money out of it. While you indulged with recording your daily life events, you would not expect it will offer you new and more opportunities. 

2. Free Stuffs

There are so much good with blogging but what's more good is that there are bunch of free stuffs!  You can easily acquire free goods from your honest product and service and reviews and recommendations.

Although, it's quite challenging to get sponsorships if you are just starting your blog but don't forget that there are still free options which can still help you gain some free goods and services by affiliation programs which I will talk about on my next blogs.

3. Making Money

You can either start blogging with or without the goal of making money. But I would just like to remind you that the money from blogging is just a by-product of your passion in writing. You can sell ad space, recommend products or services to your audiences and so much more. 

Blogging can be a side-hustle or full-time business. You may start an amatuer blogger but you can also grow to being a professional and successful blogger like your blogger idols. It not an overnight success. It takes time, process and patience for a couple of months or more to start attracting decent traffic and finally be able to make money out of it. You just have to blog consistently, create quality content and do it all for "Free" while you grow your blog and followers.

I would just like to end this post with the quote I learned from my favorite travel blog, 

"To make money from your blog, though, you must take it seriously." - Johnny of OneStep4Ward.

More Blogging Tips

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Top 3 Benefits Why You Should Start A Blog
Top 3 Benefits of Blogging

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