Tips to Travel with Family on Budget

by - Sunday, May 10, 2020

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

The person behind our yearly family travel for the past 4 years?

Since today is Mother's Day, I would like to dedicate this post to my Mom. Why? Well, because SHE was all the reason behind our yearly world travel for the past 4 years!

First, to tell you with 100% honesty, we are not rich. If you'd compare my family from Robert Kiyosaki's all-time bestselling book "Rich Dad and Poor Dad", I'd say we are the Poor Dad.

In the standard of living, we are just an average family — parents both depending on monthly salary with no other sources of income.

But that's not it... It doesn’t mean that only rich people can travel the world. Everyone can do it. Everyone is able to travel the world and so should be capable as well.

How will you be capable of travelling the world? Of course, you must take a leap to be able and capable to do it! And that's what my mother did.

But I’m not saying to take risks and travel the world with your whole family while you are broke.

Travelling, especially outside your country, requires money. It’s true. But not so muuuuch.

I’ll tell you how later in this post.

Everything started four (4) years ago...

Last four years ago (2017), if you’ve been reading my blog, I mentioned that we are traveling somewhere out of our country. It was actually my wish from my parents… a year ago before I turned eighteen (18)... that instead of throwing a party for my debut, I requested that if only possible we could travel outside the country.

Singapore was my first target country at that time since we already have relatives living there and my parents already been there as well. So I think it will be possible. And it was.

Universal Studio Singapore

I remembered last December 2016, I received a chat from my mom sending me a screenshot of a plane ticket… and it was our plane ticket for Singapore the next year!

I was jumping around my friends that time, I can’t believe I am going to Singapore next year, that’s what I thought.

But… on this first trip, mommy only bought me, herself and my big brother a plane ticket.

I was a bit sad that we will be incomplete. But what my mom told me that time, she bought the plane ticket together with her other officemates. She wanted to try and observe first how her office mates travel out of the country.

Family Travel in Singapore

I was able to see my favorite korean actors —Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young, all for free in Singapore at that time!

Plaza Singapura in Singapore

I was just so happy and it was all thanks to my mommy and her office mates that they changed our itinerary just for me to see both of them live (although still far from hand reach and the rest of the story will be posted on my next blogs).

Then we started to travel as a whole family...

November 2018 when we travelled outside the country as a whole family. My mom bought our plane tickets in advance (like 6 months or more). Mom planned to celebrate her birthday in Hong Kong with all of us. Not like in Singapore (which was my first passport stamp), I was not super excited from what my remaining siblings were feeling at that time.

Hong Kong Disneyland

But what I am feeling excited about is, I will be able to travel out of the country again! My second country stamp on my passport! And the feeling when you see your passports getting stamped by each country’s immigration, it was surreal.

Cable car in Ngong Ping 360 Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha in Ngong Ping Hong Kong

And another country again, with the whole family...


Before the summer (May-June 2019) ends, our next destination was Cambodia-Thailand . It was actually the longest trip we have been. We were out of our country for a week! Spent three (3) days in Cambodia and four (4) days in Thailand .


Cambodia Temple

Crossing the border between the two countries: Cambodia-Thailand was such a crazy experience for us! I will share our epic experience on my next posts.

Sadly we weren’t able to add Vietnam so we were able to call it Indochina travel. Hehe, hopefully we are able to get back to those countries again.


The experience was like you are also in the Philippines (because of the hot weather, especially in summer) but with lots of fun activities and other cultures to explore! 

You know the excitement when you step foot onto another country’s ground, it feels like freedom that you are able to discover new places, people, cultures and so much more!

Before lockdown, we are able to travel as a whole family again


While this COVID-19 pandemic was happening around the world, we feel blessed that we are able to (at least) travel before lockdown happens globally.

Taipei 101

This year, January 2020, my mom planned to celebrate Dad’s birthday in Taiwan (and again, with the whole family). Actually, we missed our flight for the first time! But it wasn’t our fault, it was the company, so we didn’t spend any for rebooking our departure on the first day.

Trivia: What’s the downside of missing your flight, you’ll mess with your travel itinerary (but all our trip was DIY, so our trip was flexible ever since) and you’ll miss a day or so! So as much as possible don’t ever miss your flight. It was super hectic tho. And the rest of the story will be posted on the next blog.

Family Budget Travel Tips

Family travel tips from my mom who did all our travel preparations

It's a family & life goal to be able to travel out of the country with your whole family. It feels fulfilling to be able to make some of your family member’s wishes happen: To be able to travel outside the country. 

Well, to tell you right now, nothing is impossible.

We, too, my family (especially mommy) never thought we would be able to travel a country, two, until this year.

So here are the top three (3) tips that might help you how you can travel with your whole family even you are not rich:

#1: Travel requires money. Yes. So plan your trip as early as possible.

So you will have more time to research and prepare yourself, your budget, your plane tickets and many more. Ideally, at least 6 months or a year before depending on your target budget (per family member). And now, do the math, how many months you can save to reach your target travel budget. 

#2: Book your plane ticket early as possible.

Usually, my mom only plans which month to travel based on the ticket promo. If you are traveling with your whole family on a tight budget, you can do this. There are airlines who offer promo regularly. Grab that opportunity so you can avail their promo discounts! Trust me and my mom, it will definitely save your wallet. A lot. Since it saved ours too.

#3. Only if you are not confident to travel alone on your first trip out of the country: You can join your friends or anyone who you know that will travel out of the country.

So you can learn the basics and would be able to get tips from them on an actual experience. Like what my mommy did.

Why is it important to travel with your family?

Our family mantra after all the countries we have been through so far was,

“Travel while you can”

Traveling is not just all about expenses. You can always earn money, but the opportunity to travel ―especially with the whole family is very rare.

I once asked my mom, why does she always include us (their children) from their supposed to be parent-travel-only. She told me, it was my Dad’s request that if they can support us, they’ll travel with the whole family. But most of the expenses were shouldered by my Mom from Day 1 up to now.

And so, because of them, we are able to experience this rare opportunity, to travel outside of our country ―socialize with foreigners, explore and learn their cultures.

Before I end this, my mother told us that Taiwan 2020 will probably be our last trip as a whole family because she said it will be hard for us (who already graduated college and already working) to be able to find time to travel with them. I kinda lost my heart when she said that. Well, she has a point. We are already growing up and it will be harder and harder to find time for the family as we will become busy to live our lives

So I would like to thank my super Mom, for letting us experience this as a whole family. I hope someday, I’ll be the one to treat you and the whole family for a trip for another country. Who knows?

Right now… my mom is planning for another trip for next year… but unsure if we are able to be travelling as family. Let’s all see what will happen then.

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Top 3 Important Tips to Travel with Family on Budget
How To Travel with Family on Budget

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