Love The Way You Are (2019)

by - Saturday, May 02, 2020

It's been two years since I started shifting from Korean to Chinese drama. Lol. But I never imagined that some Chinese drama was actually good as Korean dramas. Yup. Initially, I thought I'd be bother with language differences, but drama is not just about that. It's basically about the plot and actors portraying their roles. 

If you are new drama shifter from Korean to Chinese drama, I'd definitely recommend you watch this series. Although, recently Accidentally In Love, Put Your Head Over My Shoulder, A Love So Beautiful stirred the Chinese drama's popularity, never miss out including this drama in your list because this is definitely a top and highly-rated Chinese drama you must watch.

To be honest, until now I never got fully moved-on with this drama I am going to share with you because after watching this, I've been looking for same drama like this one but still failed. So if you are looking for a currently new and refreshing drama about love and weight in between, well, this Chinese drama will definitely fit and satisfy your taste!

Love The Way You Are (2019)

Native Title: 身为一个胖子
Also Known As: Shen wei yi ge pang zi
Genres: Fitness, Food, Comedy, Romance
Original Network: Mango TV Mango TV
Aired: Dec 18, 2019 - Jan 15, 2020
Episodes: 24 (45 mins per episode)


Judy Qi as Zhen Yuan Yuan / Eva (Main Role)

Eva is a top rated fashion model but behind that she hides a big secret that would cost her career if got exposed because of the rare disease where she turned fat after eating more than 1000 calories per day. She got it from her massive transformation from fat to slim when her relationship with her first love Dong Sheng failed where she then thought that only woman who fit with the beauty standard -- fair-skinned, thin and beautiful, has the right to be loved and has the right becoming a fashion model. 

Derek Chang as Ruan Dong Shen (Main Role)

Dong Sheng is a rich good-looking successful chef who owns a group of restaurants and business called Qing Corporation. He got his cooking talent from her father but lost his sense of taste due to the explosion from their restaurant which made her father died. He then relies on scientific precision to come up with delicious dishes. After being separated with Yuan Yuan, he kept looking for her and unknowingly he never expected that Yuan Yuan will get her taste back. 

Qiu Bai Hao as Xiao Nan (Main Role)

Xiao Nan is Eva’s manager. He is a carefree and cheerful best friend of Eva.  They are both like siblings which made him to become protective of Eva especially from Dong Sheng because of what he treated to her from their school days. He is the only one who knows her secret.

Ma Meng Wei as Luo Yi Ren (Main Role)

Yi Ren is the Communications Director at Qing Corporation. She has a rigid and tough characteristics. But when diagnosed with Leukemia, she started to live her life like the cheerful and carefree Xiao Nan. 

Zhang Hao Jin as Rebecca (Support Role)

Rebecca is Eva’s rival. She is a top-rated fashion model. She has one-sided love for Dong Sheng where she let her own child to call and treat him as her Dad in which Eva mistakenly taught that Dong Sheng already had a kid.

Xiao Ran as Ni Hao (Support Role)

Ni Hao is Dong Sheng’s innocent and harmless-looking private secretary. 

Love The Way You Are (2019) Chinese Drama Trailer 


This is series is about Zhen Yuan Yuan, a fat girl who fell in love with her high school senior — a rich and good-looking guy, Ruan Dong Shen but was humiliated from being fat and got separated due to a misunderstanding.

Yuan Yuan changed her name to Eva. She intentionally forget all her past after transforming to a slim top-rated fashion model but suffered from a rare disease that causes her to become fat after eating over 1000 calories per day which she made secret from everyone other than his manager.

On the other hand, Dong Shen - her first love, became a successful chef who owns Qing Corporation. He returned to China to expand  his business after spending years abroad. But he never taught he would meet Yuan Yuan again after years of trying to find her. 

Then, they found love again but not as what they both initially planned.

Where can I watch the Love The Way You Are (2019) for free?

Well, you can watch Love The Way You Are for free! I personally watched it from the official Youtube of Mango TV (MGTV). It was already completed subbed in English compiled in a playlist. You can check it out here:

Watch Love The Way You Are (2019) Eng Sub 

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Summary and Review (Spoiler Alert!)

If you began to be interested watching this series, you must now stop your self from scrolling because this post contains spoilers and a lot of GIF of my favorite scenes. 

Now, let me start this drama review.

Honestly speaking, this drama was written very well! It's a romance-comedy drama about fitness, food with multiple couples in it! But not a typical light drama about a fat girl who fell in love because the story has so much more than that and all actors from the drama did great portraying and delivering each of their role even there are multiple couples in this drama. 

Yuan Yuan got a terrible past as she was traumatized due to humiliation of becoming fat which made her decide to intentionally forget her past and transform herself from fat girl to a slim fashion model which everyone would admire.

But she got afflicted with a rare disease that causes her to revert back to her old weight after eating beyond 1,000 calories per day and will took her 3 to 1 week or so to get back to Eva's slim body. 

Eva's disease was the main reason that holds her back from becoming who she really is. She thought that only woman who fit with the everyone's beauty standard — fair-skinned, thin and beautiful, has the right to be loved and has the right becoming a fashion model because of the humiliation happened from her in the past when she crossed her path with Dong Sheng in their school days. 

Dong Sheng went back to China to expand his business. He got his cooking talent from her father but lost his sense of taste due to the explosion from their restaurant which made her father died. He then relies on scientific precision to come up with delicious dishes. 

On the other side, everyone thought Dong Sheng was full of himself but the truth why he never get involved with any girls was because he's looking for his first love. Hoping he could somehow meet her someday and fix what got them misunderstood in the past because Yuan Yuan went missing after the humiliation she went through in the past.

They finally got reunited after years and this is personally my favorite part! They reunited in a very creative and lovely way! (All thanks to the writer's creativity)

Eva initially planned to get revenge on her first love Dong Sheng, but failed because she still loves him. She even thought of loving him as Eva without telling her secret. While she kept her secret, Dong Sheng is just so persistent on proving Eva and Yuan Yuan is only a one person.

I am so hooked on how their love story revolved! I just so love the scene wherein Eva accidentally transformed while around with Dong Sheng but still he chases her up until the rooftop and even jumped together! My heart also fell dramatically (lol) from watching that scene! 

She discovered that Dong Sheng also love her even before they became classmate in school days. Dong Sheng strongly remembered their childhood past, wherein his father cooking for both of them in their restaurant. But Yuan Yuan unconsciously forgot their past but he help her remember that their school days was not their first encounter.

Dong Sheng made her realized that being fat is not the problem on achieving her dream and of course, from loving herself to be able to genuinely love others too and he unknowingly he never expected that Yuan Yuan will get her taste back as it is somehow related on how he also lost his sense of taste. 

There are alot of best scenes but for me, I will never forget the epic proposal of Dong Sheng to Eva! That's so epic! Super! I just love it how Dong Sheng shows his sincere love to Eva because always doubt herself. 

Other characters' parts from the story was also never boring (for me). Like Lou Yiren who is rigid and tough that cares only about her job and Xiao Nan who is very carefree and cheerful manager of Eva who has a lot of time doing what he loves. But both found their way to love when Lou Yiren got diagnosed with Leukemia and quit her job to live the life she really wanted like Xiao Nan. The second lead role made the story more lively. 

This drama ended pretty well (for me) but if I could, I'd definitely want a Season 2 of this, please! (Maybe we could all ask for it?) 

She finally made herself not to care whether she turned fat or skinny. There's also part in this drama where she willingly transformed into fat woman because she was underweight to donate blood to save Dong Sheng's mother.

His mother was all the reason why Yuan Yuan and Dong Sheng misunderstood each other. Since his mother was against with Yuan Yuan because she thought the love would hinder her son from his studies and dreams in life. But Dong Sheng eventually forgives his mother. While his mother reconciles with Yuan Yuan when she realized that their love would not be a hinder but instead would help them discover more of themselves. 

What I love the most of this drama was when Yuan Yuan turned fat during her dream fashion show. Although at first, she was anxious but when she finally accepted who she really was, the event turned out successful and she made a new perspective about the beauty standard in fashion industry! 

My overall verdict


STORY: The story is definitely a unique refreshing one! It was really written very well — it started in a really creative way where you will definitely got hook and ended in a satisfying event but the feelings will linger on you where you will seek for more same drama like this one! I felt love, got somehow dramatic in some scenes and laugh so much! 

ACTING: I so much love the actors! They are all great actors! They portrayed their roles so much! It was all beyond my expectation from a Chinese Drama! You'd definitely love each of them as much I do! You'll probably research and ask for more dramas with them as the main role!

OST: Well, I never got so hook with Chinese Drama OST, but this one will surely made you hum or even sing even you aren't sure with the lyrics! Love The Way You Are OST are so captivating ! And thank God there are at least English line from its OST.

Love The Way You Are Theme Song - OST Music Video

     In a colorful life... Turu tut tu rut~     

Is Love The Way You Are (2019) worth rewatching? 

Yup! It so much worth rewatching especially when this drama still not releasing its Season 2 or you haven't found some drama like this one!

Let me know in the comments below your own thoughts with this drama? Also what drama should I make a review on the next one? 

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