How To Make Money From Blogging

by - Friday, May 08, 2020

How to Earn from Blogging

If you are just planning to start a blog and you wanna know how you can make money from it; or if you already have one —but the problem is, you still don’t know how you can actually make money from your blog, this content is dedicated especially for you and for people who are aiming for Financial Freedom.

In this generation, there are a lot of ways how we can make multiple streams of income. Well, who doesn’t want to achieve Financial Freedom? Everyone does, of course!

But the thing is, there are some who have other sources of income but are unable to enjoy life and incapable of achieving their own dreams. 

So now, you are looking for another source of income, want to explore different careers, or want to seriously make money from your long-time dream: blogging. 

This quote from “Blogging Brought Me Here” book by Johnny Ward of that got my dead dreams alive again,

“To make more money from your blog, though, you must take it seriously.”

Blogging is more than just blogging. It’s not a “one-night success” to get rich if that’s what you are here for. Scratch that mindset.

You still have to invest time and money to get started and became successful.

But as long you persevere, your hard work will all definitely pay off. You will surely reap all your most-fulfilling rewards. 

To be able to get you there, you have to take a leap and start. Start your own blog now.

However, if you are already starting, don’t stop. You might be almost there —your most-awaited rewards. Maybe, these are just the things you are missing out. 

In this article, I listed all the top proven ways on how you can actually make money with your blog that are definitely NOT a scam.

Now, are you ready to work from home, at your own time —and most especially, make so much money without limit?

So, if you are now ready to start a profitable blog from scratch, here are the top five (5) ways how to make money through blogging: 

1. Direct Advertisements and Sponsored Posts

If you are just starting with blogging and have no idea where to get advertisers, Google AdSense is an easy way to start earning from your blog. You just have to install on your website and the ads will automatically show up. 

Also, if you have enough traffic to market your blog with advertisers, you can rent them some advertising spaces from your blog and you set your own ad rates. Usually, they will contact you directly to ask to display their ad on your blog. But if no advertisers are coming yet to you, and you are impatient for your success, you can also contact them on your own. 

For sponsored posts, just like direct ads, you can approach brands (inlined with your blog) if you have already a lot of website traffic (so you can sell yourself and your blog to them) to write-up about their product or services and you get compensation in return.

How much can I earn from direct ads and sponsored posts?

Well, if you are just starting out with still low traffic, don’t expect too much revenue yet. But it will increase in time while your traffic grows. You can usually get paid from advertising networks when people click on your ads or earn from page sessions which are set by the advertisers. 

When your traffic grows, you can now make negotiations on your own with advertisers and brands! Good thing with these, you can set your own rates each on your ad space. It’s like a subscription, you can bill them monthly or annually. Or get a deal done with a brand. 

So if you are confident that you have more than 500 visitors per day on your blog, you can set your rate for $50 per banner ad a month as a minimum. Now, the more ad space you have, the more revenues you can get.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for a passive income from your blog, you can use Affiliate Marketing. It is basically your recommendations of products and services of a company using a special link and you get a commission in return every time your audience clicks and buys from your link.

Affiliate Marketing is easy and definitely a great way to monetize your blog. You can find a bunch of affiliate products online to promote on your blog that you think your readers might be interested in as well.

How much can I earn from affiliate marketing?

You can earn about $10,000 a month if you have great recommendations about a specific product you are telling to your readers. Of course, the more affiliate products and services linked on your blog, the more chances of getting a commission.

3. EBooks

If you are confident with your knowledge (whatever that might be which is inlined with your blogging niche), you can sell your expertise and skills through making your own EBook. Just think of a topic that you think your readers and future readers would be interested with and you can self-publish it on Amazon or directly from your blog. 

But if you’ve been blogging for a while (where you already have more posted contents), you can collect some of them and turn them into chapters of a book. Easy as pie. 

How much can I earn from selling EBooks?

Well, this varies depending on your topic, marketing strategy and traffic audiences. So, the more copies you sell, the more revenues you can make.

Now, if you are just starting a blog, you can give away your first ebook for free to build your reputation. Once you already build your name in this industry, you can start selling it from a low to higher value as your blogging influence grows.

From a $1 ebook for 1000 readers per month, you can already make $1000 each month; or sell your high-quality ebook at $25 for at least 5000 people for a year to earn your first $125K in a year. Of course, the more ebook you make (with interesting topics for your audiences at a reasonable price) the more chances of selling more copies and earning more.

4. Online Courses and Workshops

Same with EBooks,you sell your knowledge and skills. But the difference, online courses and workshops use content videos with downloadable toolkits; and it is much higher than selling an EBook, so you’ll definitely earn more than hundreds of dollars here. This is usually what other bloggers do to make serious money from their blog. 

Think of an educational course that will be a great help to your target niche (whatever topic it might be, how to get rich, how to start a blog, how to travel the world for free) and create lessons out of it along with supporting materials or toolkits for your students.

How much can I earn from online courses and workshops?

It varies but you will definitely earn more than a hundred per month. You can set your course price for a basic version (no support) and premium version (with email support) or set prices per course and per bundle. You can sell it first for a minimum people (10 sales) at a lower price ($30) and check their testimonies, then you can sell start selling for more than a hundred dollars ($100+)

Well, like EBook, you can give away your first course for free if you are just starting a blog. It will help you build your reputation. Just make sure of what you are selling. Once you already build your reputation, you can now set your prices and start selling it so you can earn more. 

5. Digital Services

Lastly, when you areadly gain your reputation in your niche and you have so much personal and professional experiences already, you can now start to offer your services. 

You can offer coaching, consultation and other freelance services such as: writing, designing, photography, programming and other services you can offer online. 

How much can I earn from offering digital services?

Each service's prices vary but what I can assure you, selling your services in the field of your expertise typically more expensive than anything else —so you will definitely earn a lot since people buy your services. 

Well, there are so many more ways you can earn from blogging, but here are the proven ways on how you can make money from your blog —especially if you are new to blogging. These are typically the ways on what a successful blogger did before they become millionaires. 

I hope this helps you. So, start blogging now and let’s all earn more and become billionaires like all other successful bloggers. If they did it, you can do it too.

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