Top 5 Online Side Hustle Jobs

by - Friday, May 01, 2020

Online Jobs

In today's world, financial freedom became more accessible and possible to anyone. One way by doing so is by getting side-hustles is the easiest way to earn more in a hurry to help achieve your financial freedom faster — pay off debt and boost your savings. 

There are so much side hustles posted in the internet, so I personally picked all realistically useful and easy but pays a lot side hustles that would definitely help you earn even more from this crisis. So, let's continue hustling until we reach financial freedom.

The 5 Best Online Side Hustle Jobs

To help you achieve your specific financial goal or financial freedom, I prepared top 5 side hustles for 2020. But I made this list specifically useful for some people in lockdown areas around the world due to COVID-19. 

1. Teach online or create an online course

 Earning Potential  $1k - $10k/mo 

Nowadays, there are alot of courses you can teach online other than English, other foreign languages or Math, you can now make your own online skill courses you are good at like Photoshop Training Course, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography and so on.

Just determine what skills you are good wherein you are confident in teaching it to others and put up your posters or sign up with online teaching services like Chegg, Acadsoc and start earning from $3 up to $25 per hour online through well-paying companies.

You can also make your own online course which you could rate from $25 to $129 per course from platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

2. Create digital products and sell them

 Earning Potential  $500 - $90k/mo 

Well, right now, physical products are hard to sell during the lockdown. If you are an online seller, where you always sell physical goods but got halt because of this crisis, why not try digital goods? Write and create ebooks, worksheets, planners, website templates or any digital products that you think you could sell online without using any delivery fee with your target customers. 

ETSY and CreativeMarket are both top marketplace platform for digital goods. But there are also other platforms you can sell your digital works. So go, put up your digital works and start earning above $5,000 per month depending on your digital goods you are selling.

3. Provide your in-demand services online

 Earning Potential  $800 - $100k/mo 

If you are not confident with your teaching skills, you can provide other online services you are good at like editing, writing, marketing, management, or programming.

Here are some in-demand services you can provide online:

  • Graphic Design
  • Video and Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing and Translation
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Transcribe and Caption Videos
  • Music and/or Audio Production
  • Programming

Fiverr is an online marketplace in providing online services by professionals or side-hustlers like you. Personally, it is a great way to earning extra income from $5 to $999 or more while maximizing your passion skills. You could rate yourself either per project or per hour depending on the skills  you are offering.

4. Start a profitable blogging or website

 Earning Potential  $10k - $200k/mo 

If you could see yourself as a content creator and you have found your love through writing, why not start your own blog. Although it is now very easy now to create a blog or website, making it profitable and sustainable is the challenging part of blogging. Look for your preferred niche where you think you could write your best and would be helpful to the internet people.

Your blog can make over $10,000 per month with advertisements and affiliate programs. You help your readers with your informative blog posts, they read and sometimes click, sign-up or try the services you recommended to them at no cost to them. Don't fret. This money from blogging is just simply a by-product of your passion in writing.

5. Start your own video channel

 Earning Potential  $15k - $800k/mo 

Last but not the least, if you are confident recording more than yourself in front of the camera and have some interesting ideas to share, loves to entertain people or like to enter the gaming streamer industry, this might be the best option for you. Just like creating your own blog, it's also easy create your own channel but the hardest part, especially if you are a nobody, is to achieve the requirement of Youtube before you can monetize your channel.

Well, nothing is easy at first. But if you are really determined and persistent enough on being a Youtuber or Video Content Creator, I know you will make it! Just continue what you are doing because it only takes one video to get viral and be able to get known in this industry.

Side hustles are for everyone

Side hustles are for everyone, especially for those who are aiming for financial freedom. If you are in your 20's and single, then you have a lot more time to achieve your financial goal than if you are in 30's and married with kids.

But it doesn't mean that even if you are in your 40s you are not able and possible to do some side hustles, because there are no preferred age from side hustling as long as you have the skills that you could offer to someone in need.

That's basically it guys! Here are the top side hustles that I could recommend to you while you are at home. Let me know in the comments below what side-hustle are you going to  and your suggestions on what should be my next blog. Keep safe and see you on the next one! 

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Top 5 Proven Online Side Hustles That Will Earn You Money
Online Side Hustles for Beginners

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