To Travel and Wander

Hey there! I'm Nicole, a 21-year-old free-spirited novaturient wanderer, graduated with bachelor's degree in Economics from Polytechnic University of the Philippines Manila and currently in real estate industry as a Licensed Realtor but paving my own way to this super-fast world — the internet as an aspiring graphic designer, digital illustrator, and of course my longtime dream: a travel blogger, videographer and photographer.

I found my love of traveling and wandering elsewhere when I entered college  going on a quick or an overnight  beach escapades near Manila(but became quite far due to traffic congestion). I'd go beachin' without even telling her parents. They would just found out when I already uploaded stories in my messenger. 

I wasn't contented with just traveling within the country. So I even dare to explore the world!

"Would it be possible for a kid to dream of traveling the world?
What was it like traveling outside the country?" 

My heart keep speaking for my mind. Hence, my mouth does the action. So, a year before I turn 18-years-old, I made an 'impossible' birthday wish. Instead of throwing a grand debut party (since I'm the only girl in the fam, that's how I am special to them), kidding aside, I told my parents

"I want to travel outside the country instead."

And from that moment, I made my very first passport stamp: Singapore! But you know the feeling you are seeking for more after trying something you love? I want more. So I keep to live on my dream to travel, wander and explore more countries. One country at a time. 

Mission: To Travel and Wander  

What started out as a channel for her teenage fangirling in 2012, eventually evolved into an online platform fueled with her passions, aspirations and desires to help, inspire and make even a smallest difference in a person's life with its own contents—her filtered and unfiltered travel experiences, musings and misadventures in between—basically, anything she love: art & design, travel, photography, side-hustles and business, making it free, accessible and a worthwhile stop here in the internet with its friendly-user web design.  mission is to inspire you see the real and genuine beauty of the nature and places; and guide you as you take your first to infinite step on wandering around the world.

Now, are you up for the mission?